Imagine the Possibilities

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As the holiday season fast approaches and our schedules fill up with more hustle and bustle than usual, I would encourage you to revisit a simpler time when the only thing on your to do list was Write a letter to Santa. You got serious about looking through the Sears toy catalog and enlisted the help of someone special to take you to the local Ben Franklin, Kmart or Toys r us to build a list that only Santa’s elves could truly appreciate. Even though most of the things on that list never found their way under your tree on Christmas morning the fun and anticipation was gift enough. When the challenges of shipping delays and shortages of baking supplies threaten to derail your holiday joy take out a piece of paper and write your letter to Santa. As you revisit the nostalgia of yesterday really think about what you want this Christmas season, maybe it’s an afternoon with your grandparents, a date night with your significant other or simply a fire and a good book. Just like those trips to your local toy store when you were a child sometimes half the fun is Imagining the possibilities.  

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