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Albert Einstein said “Play is the highest form of research.” For over 30 years the creators of Imagination Station have been playing, learning and researching some of the most intriguing questions surrounding early play. What inspires children to develop a love of learning. What empowers children to try new things? What provides the experiences that shape who they are today and who they dream about becoming tomorrow. New research has proven the powerful role of play in children’s cognitive and social development but most parents struggle to carve out time for meaningful play experiences. They face the daily demands of hectic schedules and the ever present draw of digital media. Even though toy boxes are over flowing, often our children fail to engage or utilize their imaginations to bring the toys to life. While a child’s day should be filled with many moments of wonder and discovery it is our goal to provide intentional opportunities to inspire children and promote personal growth. Join us on our journey to making memories and our commitment to play every day.

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