Twenty is Plenty

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Research supports the advantages to a child’s growth and development of choosing simple, open ended play materials that foster imagination and discovery. The introduction of novel play items in a supportive environment can foster more complex and thoughtful play and promote engagement that is not accomplished when a child is left to navigate a playroom or toy box on their own.   While independent exploration is a crucial part of early childhood development a commitment of 20 minutes a day of intentional parent/child playtime can provide a priceless time for a you to connect with your child and support their interests and skill development. 

5 easy steps:

  1. Find a consistent time that is easily defined for your child. Ex. After dinner, after school, before bedtime story.
  2. Turn off all electronic devices and put phones out of site.
  3. Lay out a special blanket used only for this special time.  Don’t miss our next blog showing how to create a fun play mat!
  4. Put on special children’s music that you use only for this time.
  5. Set about 3 different play options out. It is best if these are items that you keep up for this time. We will be devoting many future posts to putting together fun totes with things to do!

Join your child on the floor and enjoy!!!

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