Calico Critters Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins

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The crawling Hazelnut Chipmunk Twin is a baby girl. She loves to draw and often does so on her father's blueprints. The sitting Hazelnut Chipmunk Twin is a baby boy. This mischievous baby waits for a chance to pull a prank as he watches his father do carpentry work. Play together with Hazelnut Chipmunk Family (sold separately) for more delightful fun. Mix and match with other homes, furniture, or figures (sold separately) for imaginative playtime or hang out with other Twins with ride-on toys (sold separately) to simulate group outings

Box Contents

・Hazelnut Chipmunk twins collectable figure
・!Hazelnut Chipmunk Twin (sitting), Hazelnut Chipmunk Twin (crawling)(a total of 2 pieces)
・Dressed in removable fabric clothing
・Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
・Suitable for ages three years and above