Calico Critters Persian Cat Twins

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Persian Cat Twins comes with two Persian Cat babies (one sitting, another crawling) and a ride-on toy. The figures' heads can move. The ride-on toy fits either of the Persian Cat Twins. Persian Cat Twins have fluffy fur. The sitting twin is a girl, who likes tracing grooves on buildings and furniture with her paws. The crawling twin is a boy, who loves rides, so he plays with the ride-on toy more than anyone. Combine with Persian Cat Familiy and Persian Cat Triplets for more enjoyable play(sold separately). Enjoy even more varied play with our houses and furniture! (sold separately)

Box Contents

・Persian Cat twins collectable figure
・Persian Cat Twin (sitting), Persian Cat Twin (crawling), ride-on toy (Train, Blue) (a total of 3 pieces)
・Dressed in removable fabric clothing
・Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
・Suitable for ages three years and above