Purposeful Procrastination

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On a sunny Saturday in late July I ventured into a local store to find bubbles for an afternoon with my grandchildren. The clerk I asked for assistance tried to hide her amusement as she proceeded to explain they had sold out of summer items in May. As I walked out of the store I was overcome by the sights and smells of Christmas.

Whether I am trying to rationalize a pretty severe procrastination habit or just refuse to succumb to the pressure to plan and prepare for tomorrow as today becomes a memory, I am putting my foot down in the present. There is no easy way to accomplish this goal and there are countless books, blogs and Ted talks that are devoted to helping us achieve the mindfulness that alludes the majority of adults. Giving up our fantasies of perfection in our homes, families, bodies, relationships, holidays, jobs or our closets is the first step. We can clean, sort and label all day, every day in an effort to control the chaos, but ultimately our lives are a beautiful, messy work in progress that will take a lifetime to fully appreciate. Stop listening to the voices that are telling you that everyone else is winning the race, accept that you don’t need the latest and greatest new products and remember the reward doesn’t necessarily go to the person who has the most interesting Instagram story.

People and businesses will continue to live in fast forward and sometimes you might be forced to improvise but as the chatter inside gives way to the beauty outside mix up a batch of homemade bubbles and live in the moment.

Homemade bubbles recipe here:


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